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Magazine Launch: The Burnt magazine, Mehrabad Special

The cover of The burnt Magazine : Mehrabad Special

+ Launch of photocopy version of Mehrabad Special in the occasion of the exhibition Control Tower curated by Amirali
Friday April 13th, 2012. from 5 pm at Fravahr Gallery, Tehran
in collaboration with and New-Bookz and guest contributions by Shahab Tondar, Peyman Shafieezadeh, Ayeh Rahimi, John Mattavousian, Golrokh Nafisi, Martin Shamounpoor, Delbar Shahbaz, Daryoush Raad, Alyar dastgiri, Hilda Hekmat, Haleh Ghasemi, Marjan Andaroudi, Mojtaba Adibi, Mona Abbaspour, Ghazaleh Bahiraie,  Shilan Borhani, Yashar Lavaei, Mostafa Amini, Alma Sinai, Arash Naimain, Niloufar Nedaie, Anita Esfandiari, Ali Ettehad, Tehran Carnival, Omid Balaghati, Mehrabad Project, Anahita Hekmat,Mahta Saghafi, Hossein Tonfagdar and Amirali Ghasemi

The online version will be launched soon with more pages and more colors, so stay tuned!

SAROSEDA Workshops/Live Performances at Mohsen Art Gallery, Tehran

Interdisciplinary workshops and audiovisual performances
Saroseda | Interdisciplinary workshops and audiovisual performances

Mohsen Art Gallery, Tehran. Monday, August 2nd -6th, 2010.

SAROSEDA is a creative initiative that is trying to make new sonic and visual projects by using robotic technology, interactive environments, and A/V programming languages.
Saroseda by different poses to mainstream tries to reach new forms in Iranian Maghami and Radif music with the use of western technology instead of western art (Fusion). Saroseda is trying to introduce and expand the new methods in Audio and Visual Processing to create interactive projects and reach a new way to collaborate between Visual Art, Sound Installations, and Time-Based Media. Saroseda is going to feature computer usage as an instrument in these performances to jam and improvise alongside acoustic players and focus on workshops demonstrating live audio/video processing with language programming software.

SAROSEDA is Sponsored by Mohsen art Gallery and realized in collaboration with Parkingallery and Arman Studio.

URBAN JEALOUSY | Songs on the Radio

a selection of audio works by Sound & Performance Artists from Roaming Biennial of Tehran will be on air through Herbst Radio
Selected by Serhat Koksal , Enjoy!

URBAN JEALOUSY | Sound & Performance Artists from Roaming Biennial of Tehran

  • Gözel Radio – Kiskaniyorum
  • Kost J Picunda – Schlesi Ambulance
  • Klimek  – in Katamon
  • Arash Khosronejad – G Street Drama
  • FatMoon – Bagdad Dub
  • Martin Shamoon Pour – New World Full of Jealousy
  • Nasir Al Mazam – ToBeOrNotToBe
  • Bethanien NewYorck – Mieten Stop
  • Sena Çevik – Agac Tree
  • D2GG – Radio Guitar
  • Bijan Moosavi – Shahr-e Siah
  • Ballgard – Ghahere
  • Gudubik – Draadspanner
  • Paul Devens – Treppenhaut
  • Nicolas Wiese [-hyph-]  – Realness Notorious Big
  • Utku Tavil – The Person You Have Called Can Not Be Reached At The Moment
  • K.O.F.Y – Slow ( Live on Tehran Roaming Biennial in Belgrade )

A tale of 13 days – first day By Erfan Abdi

Time to listen # 1
A tale of 13 days – first day – wait and see by Erfan Abdi

Erfan writes:

A tale of 13 days – first day – wait and see
Iranian folk
There was this street singer that we recorded his sound in our studio (at the time that I was working at Darya Digital Studio in Tehran). His name was Mash Gholaam Hossein, he was from Ghoochan, and played a wood wind there known as Ney Dolabeh.
so here I edited his song and made an atmosphere for it.