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Limited Access V festival | Aaran, no 6, Vista Galleries & Darbast Platform

Limited Access Festival 5 | Poster Designed by Hooman Alizadeh
Limited Access Festival 5 | Poster Designed by Hooman Alizadeh
Limited Access, International Festival of moving image, sound and performance was founded by Parkingallery projects in early 2007 and will celebrate its 5th edition and 7th anniversary in December 2014.
The Tehran based Festival, naturally evolved from Parkingallery’s Video Archive: an ongoing project which documents the diverse and fragmented Iranian new media art scene both in Iran and abroad since 2004.
Limited Access collaborates with individuals, collectives and archival projects across the globe. Formerly, it teamed up with Reloading Images (Berlin), SCCA (Ljubljana), Townhouse Gallery (Cairo) and Studio Strike (London).
Recently, it has partnered with the NEW MEDIA SOCIETY which is a Tehran based Archival initiative to collect, record and research with focus on new media.
The Festival has had the pleasure of working with various guest curators, to name a few: Miha Colner & Ida Hirsenfelder (SCCA – Ljubljana), Sarah Rifkey (Townhouse Gallery Cairo), Rozita Sharafjahan (Azad Gallery – Tehran ), Bita Razavi (Helsinki ) Shirin Sabahi (Stockholm/Berlin), Anahita Hekmat (Paris), Sona Safaei Sooreh (Toronto) & Ryan b Willie (San Francisco – free form film festival).

The Wandering Islands at Aban Art Gallery, Mashhad

The Wandering Islands – Aban Gallery, Mashhad – Poster designed by Iman Raad

Parkingallery projects and Limited Access Festival present in collaboration with Aban Art gallery Mashhad:
“The wandering islands” video program from Limited Access Four, will be screened at Aban Gallery in Mashhad from Jan 24-28th, 2014. “The wandering islands” is curated by Amirali Ghasemi from Parkingallery Video Archive,
and kindly organized by Saeed Mazinani
Videos and short experimental films by: Arash Khosronejad | Allahyar Najafi | Minoo Iranpour | Bahar Samadi | Amirali Mohebbinejad | Paran Pour | Azadeh Nilchiani | Aliyar Rasti | Maryam Espandi | Maziyar Pahlevan | Neda Moradi | Shirin Mohammad | Niloufar Zolfaghari | Nassrin Nasser | Anita Esfandiari | Sona Safaei | Amir Bastan | Sasan Abri | Mani Nilchiani | Rambod Vala and Neda Razavipour | Icy & Sot | Sina Haghani | Ramin Rahimi


“The Wandering Island” was first introduced as part of the exhibition LIMITED ACCESS II at Azad Gallery
– Tehran in 2009. The selection aimed to propose a panorama of experimental video works while staying away from a thematic approach or forcing a narrative.The current edition of THE WANDERING ISLAND(S) is designed to act as an open platform for various disciplines and voices within the Iranian new media sphere, uniting people and their work in spite of the geographical distance between them and their varying fields of work. The program which has been shown at Aaran Art Gallery Tehran,during LIMITED ACCESS FOUR  in Jan 2013, puts together works in a floating constellation, gathered to expand the borders of what we know as Video Art. These WANDERING ISLAND(S) are neither attached nor standing apart from each other, yet communicating through many invisible interconnecting paths.
Aban Art Gallery: No. 7, ninth Vakilabad St. Mashhad
Opening Jan 24th, 2014 – 17:00-20:00
Daily visiting hours: 10:00 – 12:00 & 17:00-20:00
Gallery is open on Fridays.


Déjà Vu at Aun Gallery – Tehran

Group video Installation
Deja Vu – Group Video Installation – Poster Designed by Borna Ahmadi & Amirali Ghasemi

Déjà Vu is a group video installation show curated by Golzar Hassanzadeh for Aun Gallery. Participant Artists are Golzar Hassanzadeh, Abbas Kiarostami, Abtin Mozaffari,  Hessam Nourani, Shadi Noyani,  Hamed Safaee and Parham Taghioff, The show puts together various image makers/artists together around the theme in an unusual setting designed by Borna Amadi and Amirali Ghasemi.

Déjà Vu will be open this Friday March 8th, 2013 from 4 to 8 pm and will continue till March 13th.

Aun Gallery
40 Seoul Avenue, Vanak , Tehran – 19958, IRAN
Telephone:+98 21 88603050

Limited Access Four | Festival for Video, Sound and Performance | Aaran Gallery | JAN 2013

Limited Access Festival
The Fourth Edition

Organized By parkingallery Projects
in collaboration with Aaran art gallery,, Saroseda

For five days, through January 11th – 16th, 2013 Aaran Gallery will host a series of events and screenings of videos, experimental films, animations and sound pieces and performances. The program hours will be from 3 to 8 PM everyday.

Stay tuned and come back for more details soon, the festival’s website will also get a huge update in a short covering its archive past three editions since 2007.

Magazine Launch: The Burnt magazine, Mehrabad Special

The cover of The burnt Magazine : Mehrabad Special

+ Launch of photocopy version of Mehrabad Special in the occasion of the exhibition Control Tower curated by Amirali
Friday April 13th, 2012. from 5 pm at Fravahr Gallery, Tehran
in collaboration with and New-Bookz and guest contributions by Shahab Tondar, Peyman Shafieezadeh, Ayeh Rahimi, John Mattavousian, Golrokh Nafisi, Martin Shamounpoor, Delbar Shahbaz, Daryoush Raad, Alyar dastgiri, Hilda Hekmat, Haleh Ghasemi, Marjan Andaroudi, Mojtaba Adibi, Mona Abbaspour, Ghazaleh Bahiraie,  Shilan Borhani, Yashar Lavaei, Mostafa Amini, Alma Sinai, Arash Naimain, Niloufar Nedaie, Anita Esfandiari, Ali Ettehad, Tehran Carnival, Omid Balaghati, Mehrabad Project, Anahita Hekmat,Mahta Saghafi, Hossein Tonfagdar and Amirali Ghasemi

The online version will be launched soon with more pages and more colors, so stay tuned!

Junction Box | 13 International Artists in Tehran | Mohsen Gallery, Atbin Gallery and Parking Projects

Junction Box
13 International Artists in Tehran
Curated by Amirali Ghasemi

Junction Box, 13 International Artists in Tehran
Junction Box, 13 International Artists in Tehran, Poster Designed by Homa Delvarai
Anke Schuettler | Emanuele Rodo | Matteo Rovesciato | Youmna Chlala | Jeanno Gaussi | Cem Kaya | Melanie Schlachter | Cedric Bomford  | Junichiro Ishii  | Wolfram Hann | Friederike Berat | Gisa Schraml
| Nicolas Wiese
When you open a junction box’s cover, you might face a complex combination of wires, panels and electronic boards which you have no immediate idea about, especially if your electrician wasn’t very organized and tasteful. You will see buttons and fuses, to turn on and off a part of a system or all of it as a whole… few of those also might leave you in the dark, as they are also switching off the right above your head. Turning on your flashlight, what can seen at a glance is that there a high amount of energy circuits around ane each wire branches and may lead us to far away, many kilometers away…
But all and all are here in front of us, they pass through this very box, a slice of now. Incomparable to any other Junction box. What’s important in understanding this crucial moment is to remove the cover of the box in Tehran to look inside.
13 artists who took part in this independent exhibition, each share their unique experience, from poetry and film-making to kick boxing and from carpentry to graphic design performance and sound installation.
This time in Tehran, there was an attempt to transfer something ‌meaningful beyond the “cut” and “paste” routine, to tickle the viewer curiosity while staying away from being exotic and typical. Most of the works are being shown for the 1st time and/or specially has been created for this show. Choosing two alternative professional gallery spaces and one experimental project space suites that purpose, to a great degree. Amirali Ghasemi/ August 2011
Poster and invitation card designed by Homa Delvaray
Catalog designed by Kianoush Tanha 
Parking Projects

No. 1, Fourth Milad Alley, Milad St. Dadman Blvd. Shahrak-e Gharb, Tehran
Tel: 88579726
Opening: Friday 5th of August, 3-7 pm

Mohsen Gallery
No 42, Mina Blvd. Nurbakhsh St. Farzan Alley, Naji Alley, Zafar(Dastgerdi) Ave. Modarres Highway, Tehran.
Tel: +9821 2225 5354
Opening: Friday 5th of August, 4-8 pm
Atbin Art Gallery
No. 42, Khakzad st. Touraj st. Valisar Ave. (Parkway Crossing)
Tel: +98 21 26210395
Opening: Friday 5th of August, 5-9 pm

VACUUM; Jalaladeen Anvari’s exhibition at Atbin art Gallery

VACUUM; Jalaladeen Anvari at Atbin art Gallery
VACUUM; Jalaladeen Anvari at Atbin art Gallery

An exhibition by Jalaladeen Anvari

June 10 -14, 2011; 5-9 PM
Out-of-hours visits are possible by appointment.

(No .42, Khakzad st. Touraj st. Valisar Ave. (Parkway Crossing
Tel: +98 21 26210395

Jalaladeen Anvari’s latest project, Vacuum (Tohigi in Persian), touches upon many critical issues like Identity, Histori(es) and our Iranian legendary oblivion. He carefully juxtaposes various mediums, from text to archaeological imagery, tourist pictures and documentary photography in addition to his sculptural installation; a model version of one of our most talked about historical monuments, which camouflages in an ironic manner, a timed bubble maker machine.
Although Anvari doesn’t tend to force us, into a pre-imagined conclusion either toward blaming ourselves for being too conceited, or necessarily pushing us to obtain a sarcastic point of view of the past. He neutrally shows us about how our cultural heritage remains as a façade while the sites are being visited frequently. As if we are developing a habit, which praises our sense of patriotism without paying attention to the meaning of ignorantly practicing this often-empty ritual. Exposing a shell, which has remained from our understanding of histories. and at the same time he playfully invite us to re-think our identity in the short while before its bubble burst.
Amirali Ghasemi. June 2011

Seeing Studies, workshop and book release

Seeing Studies
Seeing Studies Book Cover designed by Farhad Fozouni
Seeing Studies Book Cover designed by Farhad Fozouni

Natascha Sadr Haghighian & Ashkan Sepahvand for the institute for incongruous translation

Taking shape in three chapters:
Spoken workshop sessions: 19-22 January 2011
Printed book release: 19-22 January 2011
Spatial through 13 February 2011

Casco invites you to four days of presentations, discussions and screenings as part of the project ‘seeing studies’. The sessions accompany the release of the publication ‘seeing studies’, edited by Natascha Sadr Haghighian and Ashkan Sepahvand for the institute for incongruous translation and produced by dOCUMENTA (13) with Casco and published by Hatje Cantz. These four days are seen as a communal gathering in which discussions and fields of inquiry explored in the publication will be extended and reflected upon, with interlocutors from ‘seeing studies’ coming together at Casco to present their work and converse with one another and guests (see the program below). Continue reading Seeing Studies, workshop and book release