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Junction Box
13 International Artists in Tehran
Curated by Amirali Ghasemi

Junction Box, 13 International Artists in Tehran
Junction Box, 13 International Artists in Tehran, Poster Designed by Homa Delvarai
Anke Schuettler | Emanuele Rodo | Matteo Rovesciato | Youmna Chlala | Jeanno Gaussi | Cem Kaya | Melanie Schlachter | Cedric Bomford  | Junichiro Ishii  | Wolfram Hann | Friederike Berat | Gisa Schraml
| Nicolas Wiese
When you open a junction box’s cover, you might face a complex combination of wires, panels and electronic boards which you have no immediate idea about, especially if your electrician wasn’t very organized and tasteful. You will see buttons and fuses, to turn on and off a part of a system or all of it as a whole… few of those also might leave you in the dark, as they are also switching off the right above your head. Turning on your flashlight, what can seen at a glance is that there a high amount of energy circuits around ane each wire branches and may lead us to far away, many kilometers away…
But all and all are here in front of us, they pass through this very box, a slice of now. Incomparable to any other Junction box. What’s important in understanding this crucial moment is to remove the cover of the box in Tehran to look inside.
13 artists who took part in this independent exhibition, each share their unique experience, from poetry and film-making to kick boxing and from carpentry to graphic design performance and sound installation.
This time in Tehran, there was an attempt to transfer something ‌meaningful beyond the “cut” and “paste” routine, to tickle the viewer curiosity while staying away from being exotic and typical. Most of the works are being shown for the 1st time and/or specially has been created for this show. Choosing two alternative professional gallery spaces and one experimental project space suites that purpose, to a great degree. Amirali Ghasemi/ August 2011
Poster and invitation card designed by Homa Delvaray
Catalog designed by Kianoush Tanha 
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