Salvation, GAZA at Niavaran Cultural Center – Tehran

Salvation, GAZA
Contemporary art exhibition
Curated by Amir Hossein Bayani, Gohar Dashti and Koroush Golnari
Niavaran Cultural Center
September 12 – October 13, 2014

Salvation, Gaza | poster designed by Hamid Nikkhah

from the press release …

Although the image of war and tramp of Palestinian in Gaza scare us, the bomb does not fall on our houses. Who can fully understand the ultimate misery and suffering by looking at these photo in a secure and peaceful situation? The mass media coverage of the Gaza Strip promotes passiveness and prostration. A mother who has lost her child and has no choice but grieving. That is the same portrayal of the oppressed’s reaction to the tyrant and it is the subject of melodramas which move us. At this point, what might tears and sigs show outside the geographical boarder of Palestine? Does it have any effects rather that public announcement of prostration and promotion of the desperate oppression? The Gaza Exhibition is the attempt to portray this catastrophe devoid of philanthropic feelings and excitements. Although the purpose of this exhibition is to support Palestinian People, it endeavors to look at them as strong and active people rather than oppressed people who deserve pity. Hence, I have tried to look for works that do not provoke immediate feelings which get subsided quickly. Despite the fact that this exhibition does not soothe the pain of Gaza’s disaster, it is a movement away from common desperation and prostration of today’s shows. It the approach to say we are not indifferent and are able to do something except crying.
Gohar Dashti


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