Erfan Abdi at Assar art Gallery

Accurate Information on the Exact Number of Killed in this Accident is not yet at Hand
Accurate Information on the Exact Number of Killed in this Accident is not yet at Hand

“Accurate Information on the Exact Number of Casualties in this Accident is not yet at Hand” is the latest video installation by Erfan Abdi is now on view at Assar Art Gallery along with a handful of well-known artists in 101: Oil and its Aftermath – Politics, Modernism, Society, Environment.

The installation fills the small entrance hall of the gallery, a small TV is surrounded last objects in the dark which seems to be oil barrels in lit up by the light coming from the video which only lasts 2 minutes and yes, I’m not going to tell you and you should see it for yourself!

Other interesting pieces are there, worths mentioning are “No Comment” an installation from Mohammad Ghazali & Soheil Afshar, also Arash Hanaei’s lightboxes which read “How to Engage in Dialogue” and finally “Open Seas” a video by Behrang Samadzadegan which has been made for the 5th Gyumri biennial (2006 Armenia) and featured in Parkingallery’s 2 previous projects Limited Access (2007) and Conscious in Coma (2007) Istanbul.

The show also includes one of the latest pieces from Mahmoud Bakhshi’s Industrial revolution, “Mother of Nation” and A4 printed paper next to it reads: unfortunately the work is not turned on due to a large number of visitors might show up at the opening!

for more information please see the exhibition page here from the Digital Assar website.

Irrelevant Conclusion and comment: Don’t get so excited to go to every opening and visit the show later or you might regret it! but generally, in many galleries which are not used to show new media works in Tehran, it’s the contrary! Everything is prepared for the opening even with an hour delay, and during the visiting hours the other day, you should ask someone to turn on the videos/sounds for you!