Homa Delvaray’s posters in Shiraz

Sigh to moon, moon to sigh

Poster designed by Morteza Mahalati
Sigh to moon, moon to Sigh : Poster by Morteza Mahalati

Homa Delvaray’s poster exhibition recently opened on the 26th of Jan in Shiraz Gallery.
The exhibition which was on view till the 4th of Feb. featured 38 posters by Delvaray (born 1980) in the recent years of her professional career.
A catalog has been published on the occasion of the show with a selection of 16 posters with an introduction by Morteza Mahalati.
He writes: “…Her distinguished style is influenced by a variety of sources from Tabriz School Miniature heritage and recent European image-making traditions from Art nouveau to Pop art.”

For more images of the show, you can follow the links to RANG MAGAZINE’s review (in Persian) and Rene Wanner’s Poster Page (in English)
Homa Delvaray is also a member/editor of Dabireh a Collective of young Iranian graphic designers who share a passion for calligraphy and typography. We had the pleasure to work with her as a participant in a few of our projects, including Deep Depression and The Roaming Biennial of Tehran in Berlin, and as a designer for one of our joint projects happening at Azad Art Gallery (poster below).

Reciprocal Visit Tehran
Reciprocal Visit at Azad Gallery Tehran Designed by Homa Delvaray