AMBIGUITY: Misha Mirmomen and Navid Sanati at Multimedia Room



Misha Mirmoumen
Misha Mirmoumen
Navid Sanati
Navid Sanati

نمایشگاه عکس های میشامیرمومن- نوید صنعتی- 30 بهمن تا 7 اسفند – ساعت 16 تا 20
اتاق مالتی مدیا گالری محسن
خ ظفر – خ ناجی – ک نوربخش بلوار مینای شرقی – پ 42

Mohsen Gallery, multimedia room, NO.24, eastern mina blvd., Zafar st.
19Feb-24Feb –
visiting hour 16-20

Two young artists are showing their photographs in this exhibition. Misha Mirmomen and Navid Sanati are introducing themselves with some speechless portraits in their first group exhibition. The portraits represent a piece of Man everyday life the man who just can’t imagine living such a life.

The exhibition which starts on 19 Feb includes some black and white photos (75.75 printed on luster photo paper) and it is on view till 26 Feb.

He writes I write, we record, record what? We don’t know; we don’t know what is going on and maybe what goes on is not important at all. I only see what is there and that is what counts in this suffocating darkness. Tomorrow, when we grow up, we shall learn how to get used to life. It is up to us whether to use this disgusting learned fact or not… If the problem of being or not being is to be solved somehow, it is easier for me to live. Everybody knows how to be not and yet, they keep on doing it. It is stupid not to be.

When my eyes are opened, it takes a while before I remember why I have to open them here. In the morning, we take out of the bed bodies which have lost themselves. We sit in front of teachers and professors and we are busy till night with our studies and simple dreams. We photograph life this way and the three of us are pleased! Although every other line of notebook pages is bound to infected wounds, I understand one must learn all this simplicity and we love pages in general although it is as though no page understands anything.

Sometimes I wish to hug the world, to squeeze the shit out of it. Have you ever noticed the extent of your power? What would happen if the world resembled for a second our portraits?