LIMITED ACCESS 3 by Mohammad Khodashenas
LIMITED ACCESS 3 at Mohsen Art Gallery

Now, as we are at the beginning of the 3rd edition of Limited access, the festival which started as a low budget screening program in 2007, in its 5th year of existence has found its partners and collaborators, overlooking our experiences from last events we can happily say that there is an increasing interest and many profesional initiatives are being shaped and developed to expand the scene.Mooweex has organized an special documentary night for the opening with films by distinguished directors from its archive. Parkingallery projects is launching the first chapter of Remote Homecoming, a multi-fragmented platform to re-connect with curators, artists and thinkers beyond Iran’s border. Besides, 2 surprise performances by artist and musician Martin Shamoonpour is scheduled for the last day followed by a special animation screening featuring the director’s talks with highly-celebrated artists and animators Aliakbar Sadeghi and Hamid Bahrami. Saroseda will be presenting an interactive installation based on Regional Epic music of Iran throughout the 3 day events at Mohsen Art Gallery. The catalog of Limited access 3 is designed by 2 fresh blood designers at Newbookz: Shahab Tondar and Sam Keshmiri,and our limited edition silk screen poster is designed by Mohammad Khodashenas at 100×70 studio, Lahijan and printed at Dara Print House by Foad Sharifi.

Limited access 3, as an ongoing project will be landing in various venues and places across Iran and region through the year. for more info visit the festival’s website :

The Program:

Thursday March 10, 5-8 pm

Documentary Screening
Curated by Mooweex

Rhythm (Hossein Tehrani and His Drum) | Manouchehr Tayyab -1971
Arbaeen | Nasser Taghvai – 1970
Baad-e Sabaa, Lovers’ Wind | Albert Lamorisse – 1970-1978

Friday March 11, 5-8 pm

Remote homecoming : Chapter one
Video Program Curated by Amirali Ghasemi

Remote Homecoming is a platform designed to bring videos made by Iranians across the border remotely back home, and to bridge the gap between so called “inside” and “outside”, while acknowledging these terms are fading rather quickly or at least are changing tremendously in the 21st century, still there are numerous obstacles to communicate between the scenes and there is a lot to be learnt. Chapter one of remote homecoming is a selection of short films, videos and performances from a wide range of Iranian artists from emerging to established and tries to show a gradient of practices across various disciplines and mediums, while focusing on professional use of sound, visuals and performance as its point of departure.

Alphabet | Sona Safaei (Canada/Iran) – 1:30 – 2010
Upwards | Bahar Samadi ( France/Iran) – 3:03 – 2010
Zone End | Nooshin Farhid ( UK/Iran) – 2:30 -2007
The Widest Window | Naghmeh Abbasi (Canada/Iran) – 6:00 – 2009
Chalk House | Sona Safaei (Canada/Iran) – 2:25 – 2010
The Agreement | Golnaz Payani (France/Iran) – 3:00 – 2010
Interdit | Sima Khatami (France/Iran) – 3:55 – 2003
Mahtab | Mohammad Abbasi (France/Iran) – 5:51- 2009
Rostam’s Dream | Fereydoun Ave (France/Iran) – 6:18 – 2009
Toutes ces choses (N°1) | Bahareh Samadi (France/Iran) 3:28 – 2010
Stillness | Roozbeh Rashidi (UK/Iran) 7:53 – 2008
104-3+23 | Anahita Hekmat (France/Iran) 6:00 – 2010
Yek Atash, A Fire (1961) | Ebrahim Golestan

Saturday March 12,  5- 8 pm

The Night for Animation, Performance and Sound

The ROOK, poster by Aliakbar Sadeghi
The ROOK, poster by Aliakbar Sadeghi 

Interrupted Access | Martin Shamoonpour, Sound Performance

Animation Screening:
Mosaafer-e Ofogh, Traveller of Horizon | Hamid Bahrami – 2006
Rokh, The Rook | Aliakbar Sadeghi – 1974

Director’s Talk with Ali Akbar Sadeghi and Hamid Bahrami

Qathiiinu | A Storytelling Performance by Martin Shamoonpour


Epic music of Iran
An Interactive installation by Saroseda, March 10-11-12

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