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Irrexxxsible : Pedram Baldari at Boomerang Art Gallery

Irrexxxsible : An Installation by Pedram Baldari, Poster Designed by Hamid Nikkhah
Irrexxxsible : An Installation by Pedram Baldari, Poster Designed by Hamid Nikkhah
Irrexxxsible :
An Installation by Pedram Baldari
Curated by Amirali Ghasemi
Boomerang Art Gallery
Friday 16th of April – Monday 26th  of April 2010
Daily visiting hours: 4-8 pm

Safe to Light | Riyas Komu at Azad Art Gallery

Installation view at Azad art Gallery

Safe to Fight

Text and Curator: Shaheen Merali

When is it safe to fight? The probabilities of such an undertaking are of course calculated, albeit by intelligent guesses and measures guided by speculations of the fight in terms of the enemy’s strength and the forces needed to defend.
Defense and offense, the twin co-evils of all invasive desires, have been with us for millennia, making an odyssey of long drawn out atrocities- wherein heroes and patriotism are borne from the deaths and violation of others.
History, when read between wars, in the so-called peaceful eras, often suggests peace as the outcome of the fighting. I wonder if such peace can be deemed to be the result of a process of distillation, of land drenched in innocent blood, of hope drained from our future, and of the likelihood of more to come.
Komu’s work has always been a striking and constant reflection on the contemporary condition where so much remains at stake, here, after many thousands of years of fear and heartbreak as our heritage, we remain ready to move into another ‘situation’; readily abandoning our wit and knowledge and surrendering to the forces that break our bonds and our lives. Komu, like many of his contemporaries, remains perplexed by our lack of conviction to resist war and to think only in terms of defense and offense.

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Touka Neyestani and Mohammadali Baniasadi at Maah-e Mehr Gallery

poster by Alireza Anoushfar
Autoportraits : a poster by Alireza Anoushfar

Auto-Portraits by Touka Neyestani and Mohammad Ali Baniassadai
A new poster by Alireza Anoushfar for two of our favorite artists whom they taught us a lot through their wonderful and strong body of works,
catch their exhibıtion at Maah-e Mehr Gallery,
27 Bahman (16 February) Thru 6 Esfand (25 February), 14-20 hrs.
and good news for poster lovers…
There will be a limited edition of 60 posters numbered & signed by both of the artists available for free at the finnissage event.

Mah-e Mehr Gallery
Vali-e Asr Ave, Opposite Mellat Park, Kajabadi St, No 12. Website: www.mahe-mehr.com

Limited Access II at Azad Gallery Tehran



Organized by Parkingallery in collaboration with Azad Art Gallery and Mooweex.com

Azad Art Gallery No 5, Salmas Square, Golha Square, Tehran
31 October – 4 November 2009
Daily Visiting Hours: Fri – Wed 4-8 pm
Opening night and performances: Friday 30 October, 4-8 pm

Curated by
Miha Colner / Ida Hirsenfelder (Ljubljana/SL) | Amirali Ghasemi (Parkingallery/Tehran) | Arash Khakpour (Mooweex/Tehran) | Bita Razavi (Helsinki/FI) |Sarah Rifky (Cairo/EG) | Shirin Sabahi (Malmo/SE) | Rozita Sharafjahan (Azad Art Gallery/IR)

Access to what? What limitations?

LIMITED ACCESS sounds like a disappointing title for a project, but in fact, it’s not really true, it has a kind of ambiguity within it, which is a characteristic of Parkingallery projects. One should ask: “Access to what?” and “What limitations?”
In the past decade, Iranian Contemporary art and especially New Media Arts have been through many ups and downs, either in the time which was temporarily celebrated by the authorities and officials, by a considerable budget and space, without necessarily establishing a constant and appropriate structure for its survival in future, or when it visibly slowed down its development at least outside of the unofficial and private circles of artists in the recent years. And as we speak the number of curators and art lovers who are frequently visiting Tehran, for various reasons and intentions is highly increasing, especially now when the international Media zoomed more than ever, on Iran. The Art Market despite recent hiccups is heating up by its discoveries of middle eastern and Iranian art shows from LA to Dubai, filled with repetitive names of superstars. Meanwhile, there is an independent creative scene that is emerging and is undoubtedly hard to track and describe, as its vibrancy and its continuity lie in its anonymity. In the absence of an inclusive reference for proper research on multi fragmented Tehran art scene, most of the attempts which have been done to map and document the scene, remained unfinished and to some degree clueless because of the intentional shifts toward the art market and/or falling into the traps of tribal self-promotional concerns of few.

LIMITED ACCESS, therefore, tries to gather and reconnect the artists from all disciplines to each other and reestablish their link with their emerging audience. As we believe that what is labeled and being marketed as “Iranian contemporary art” to the art world is quite known and accessible despite all propaganda, as many individuals and collectives are paying their dues for its exposure and growth internationally, even by conflicting objectives and means. What is really missing here is a local platform, which through its structure, experiments in New Media can be seen and discussed, beyond the closed circle of the artists practicing it.
As delayed echos of such phenomenon, often passing through mediums like the Internet, books, and other media might turn the viewer into a passive consumer rather than a critical observer.

These limitations could be caused by many factors, from the imposed sanctions to unofficial boycotts, to the emergence of market-oriented attitude among artists as a result of periodic temporary reception of Iranian art all around the world, beside as some others may put it, the fact that contemporary art is being rarely mentioned in the mainstream media, ignored to some extent and not supported anymore.  All these excuses are not enough to prevent us from taking the current moment for granted even if it would seem hopeless to many, and shape the future by observing and learning from it.

Amirali Ghasemi, Parkingallery Oct 2009

Jazire-ye Sargardani (The Wander Island)

(Video screening, Interactive installations, and a collection of experimental sound and music )
Curated by Amirali Ghasemi

Amin Talachian | Ronak Ghoseyri | Sara Abbasian | Negar Behbahani | Ehsan Behmanesh/ Arefeh Riahi | Ali Ettehad | Ayeh Rahimi | Amirali Mohebbinejad |  AR2+ ISIS | Arash Fayez | Nassrin Nasser | Elika Hedayat | Arash Khakpour/ Arash Radkiya | Amirali Navaee | Bijan Moosavi | Pedram Etemadi | Siavash Naghasbandi | Sona Safaei | Tala Madani | Azin Feizabadi | Sohrab Mostafavi Kashani | Mohammad Abbasi | Peyman Abbasian | Sohrab. M Kashani | Arash Salehi /Arash Razzazian | Nima Esmailpour |

Videos selected by Rozita Sharafjahan (Azad Art Gallery/IR)
Khosro Khosravi | Behnam Kamrani | Hamed Sahihi | Ghazaleh Hedayat | Samira Eskandarifar | Mohsen Rasoulov | Minou Iranpour | Setareh Jabbari | Elham Doust Haghighi | Farid Jafari Samarghandi

8513 hours in Helsinki

Curated by Bita Razavi

Eija-Liisa Ahtila | Sara Pfrommer | Katarzyna Miron | Stefan Riebel | Joonas Jokiranta | Maria Ylikoski | Linda Reif | Stefan Riebel | Gregoire Rousseau | Miina Hujala | Anna Nykyri | Hanna Marno and Leena Vahvelainen | Ewa Gorzna | Teemu Kivikangas

(one)self as (an)other

Curated by Sarah Rifky (Cairo/EG)

Sherif Elbendary | Hassan Khan | Mohamed Allam | Mohamed Nabil | Shady El Noshokaty | Hossam Elsawah | Laila Sami

Intelligent Systems

(installations / video / multimedia / documentation)
Curated by Miha Colner / Ida Hirsenfelder

Tanja Vujinovic | Maja Smrekar | Robertina Sebjanic | Borut Savski | Lada Cerar & Saso Sedlacek | Vladimir Ristic | son:DA & Erinc SeymenTomaz Furlan | Neven Korda | Saso Podgorsek | Marko Kovacic & Kolja Saksida | Ana Sluga | Jaka Zelelznikar

Whoever I Like Turns out to be a Weirdo, or Performative Narrations

(video screening)
Curated by Shirin Sabahi

Kevin Murphy | Tamar Guimarães | EllaKajsa Nordström | Henning Lundkuist | Stine Ofelia Kildevang | João Leonardo | Annette Stav Johansson | Maj Hasager | Wattanai Chanakot | Ana Bezelga | Kristina Kvalvik | Maria Lusitano Santos | Hanna Paulin | Hanna Sjöstrand | Lara Morais

“Photographic Practice” at Silkroad Gallery

Celebrating International Children’s Day
“Photographic Practice”

"Photographic Practice" at Silkroad Gallery
"Photographic Practice" at Silkroad Gallery

Poster by Farhad Fozouni

The Experience of Afghan Immigrant Girls
Nadia Parvani, Anita Sedighi, Rita Sedighi,
Shamaiel Sedighi, Arezu Abbasi, Parvin Abbasi,
Parvaneh Nazari, Mojgan Yaqoubi, Masoumeh Yaqoubi
Silk Road Gallery
Friday October 9th, 2009
4:00 to 8:00 PM
10 to 21 Oct. 2009
Sat. to Wed. from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Thurs. 5:00 to 8:00 PM

103, Lavasani (Farmanieh) St. Tehran, Iran