Video-therapy, Session one: Recovery / one day screening at At Pratt, NYC

Video-therapy, Session one : RECOVERY - poster designed by Parkingallery studio
Programmed by Shahpour Pouyan (NYC) and Amirali Ghasemi (TEHRAN) from Parkingallery’s video archive “Video-therapy, Session one : Recovery” is an hour long video program which will be played in loop. The program features works by international artists living in Iran, United States, France, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Malaysia and India .
Mehraneh Atashi | Ghazaleh Bahiraie | Amir Bastan | Friederike Berat | Golnaz Esmaili | Anahita Hekmat | Junichiro Ishii | Gelare Khoshgozaran | Shahrzad Malekian | Macklen Mayse | Golrokh Nafisi | Tara Najd Ahmadi | Dhanya Pilo | Bita Razavi and Jaakko Karhunen | Judith Shimer | Melanie Schlachter | Rambod Vala and Neda Razavipour
Time and Date: Nov 9th, 2012, 5-9 pm
Location: Stueben Gallery at Juliana Curran building,
Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, 11205