Film screening: From the Fluxfilms Anthology (USA, 1966)

Image: George Maciunas, Fluxmanifesto (1963)
Film screening: From the Fluxfilms Anthology (USA, 1966)
with an introduction by Ms. Media Farzin
Monday, 7-9 pm
No.11, 4th Milad Alley,Milad street, Dadman Blvd. Farahzadi Blvd. Shahrak-e Gharb.Tehran
Tel: 88 57 97 27

Between 1965 and 1968, artist and designer George Maciunas put together
a collection of film loops that he called the “Fluxfilms Anthology.” A
group of about 20 experimental shorts, they were intended to be
screened as films and as backgrounds to performances. Maciunas was the
organizer and driving force behind the artist collective known as
Fluxus. Their publications, performances, instruction works and
objects were mainly produced in the 1960s in New York, but included
events and collaborations in Europe and Japan.

“Fluxfilms, especially when taken in context with other Fluxus
performances, insisted on gradual deconstruction not only of the
various components of the cinematic apparatus, but of cinema itself.
After eliminating the projector, there is nothing left but the
screen…. With the traditional movie space eliminated, the viewer
‘generates’ his or her own screening situation…. Finally, the viewer
becomes producer.”
– Tod Lippy, “Disappearing Act: the Radical Reductivism of Fluxus Film”

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