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Lost In No Space - videos from parkingallery archive
Lost In No Space - videos from parkingallery archive

Conscious in Coma is an art project initiated by NOMAD in collaboration with Goethe Institut, Istanbul and Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center. The project is designed to be a long-term networking and archiving project. The name of the project indicates a simple and direct reference to the current unbalanced and devastated state of the globe accompanied by the collective silence and blindness. The project intends to collect, disseminate, and discuss the perspectives and realities of diverse positions in multiple formats. In this respect, the primary focus of the project is to trace, detect and comprehend art and cultural productions which render different cases, approaches and realities with multifaceted cultural, political and social situations.

Conscious in Coma is designed to be a collaborative process of nine curators: Elena Veljanovska (Macedonia), Stefan Rusu (Moldavia), Nat Muller (The Netherlands), Vera-Maria Glahn (Germany), Basak Senova (Turkey), Jack Persekian (Palestine), Clare Davies (Egypt), Christine Tohme (Lebanon), and Amirali Ghassemi (Iran).

curated by Amirali Ghassemi (IR)
Behrang Samadzadegan, Behnam Kamrani, Amirali Mohebbinejad, Negar Tahsili, Raha Faridi, Mohammad Reza Heydari, Ehsan Behmanesh, and Azin Feizabadi.

Video as a medium has been recognized as both an elevator and an escape route for the new generation of Iranian artists since the beginning. As they started their anxious, immature experiments; video became a popular medium although the lack of education and the big cultural gap beside the availability, transferability and ease of use made this journey quiet fragile, expect the few “successful” established artists who emphasize on the exotic face of their country of origin made them able to jump on the “train”, the rest are producing boring materials for the weak small scaled but good looking elitist! Art scene. But on the other hand there are others who are not well known, not board On the train, not famous but still eager to make a kind of art which is not only for export , not aimed at the cul-de-sac of Euro-American market. Most of these videos are chosen from parkingallery archive with no specific point of view or resemblance but the fact of being unseen and interesting.

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